Why You NEED To Work Through College


College is expensive. Period. To make ends meet during college, many people consider working through college.

work through college

Most of us weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths, and while some of us were lucky enough to be born into families that can help us pay for this educational beast of university, lots of students are looking at a decade of debt after that happy walk down the stage.

If you plan to go to college, get a job; preferably one with transferable skills. Employment is important!


Even if your parents are paying your way through college, having a job and working throughout will help you build up crucial job skills to get you hired after graduation.

If you are relying on student loans to pay your way through your education, it’s even more important that you start working, NOW.

Here’s why:

The Student Loan Monster Will Be After You

As soon as you graduate, you’ll be reeling in the haunting fact that you will be owing a huge portion of your post-college paychecks to the government or loan company.

You’ll likely experience some anxiety regarding this. Even a four year degree is extremely expensive, and you don’t want to be $30,000 in debt by the age 22.

If You Don’t You’ll Prohibit Your Growth

If you don’t get ahead of the pay-back game, you’ll need to live with your parents for longer post-college, or maybe be stuck in a job that is less than ideal for you so that you can continue making those payments.

The amount of debt that you’ll be looking at if you don’t make an effort to pay for some of it in the interim will stick with you for a long period of time if you are making the minimum payments.  Do you really want to be thirty and still paying back your college loan? Unlikely.

You Have an Advantage

During college, your loans would not usually be charging you interest. Interest payments start after you graduate. If you have a part-time job and save up some money during college, you can put it in an interest-accruing account, with a few years to make you interest before you have to start paying back your loans.

When you graduate and your loans start accruing interest, you can put all of that money on the loan to get ahead of the game.


Even working part time will help alleviate the financial pressures that you will experience through college.  Try to pay for your textbooks and not rely on the loan, or save up to pay down your loans early while you aren’t accruing interest.

Take it from me – work during college!

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