Seven Fun Hobbies that Won’t Cost You a Cent


Life is fast paced and when there is barely any time to relax, a free moment to recuperate and catch your breath can be rare. However, when these spare minutes do come around, most people want to do something fun and entertaining, but without spending a lot of cash. Heres a handful of hobbies that are sure to be entertaining, beneficial and basically free of charge.


1. Biking and Other Fitness Activities

One of the most common goals of people throughout the world is to try to be as physically fit as possible. Biking and other forms of fitness are excellent ways to achieve this goal because they are all forms of burning calories and fat. The only start up fees that would come with this is if you don’t already own a bike (although most people do), or the purchase of weights to use at home. Even simpler, you could just buy a pair of running shoes (if you don’t have some already) and go running in your local neighborhood. If you have a dog, bring him too and get healthy together!

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2. Volunteering

With a host of available organizations just waiting for volunteers to come and help, volunteering is a great hobby and an excellent way to take just a little time out of your busy schedule to help somebody else that is less fortunate than you. Here’s a few ideas for places you could volunteer at: United PlanetConservation Volunteers, and Global Crossroads.

3. Gardening

Want to make your home look nicer? Gardening is an excellent way to occupy your free time and also has the benefit of sprucing up your home and making it look beautiful. One way that you can garden is with flowers or other plants and putting them in your yard to give your house a splash of color. While this method would involve the purchasing of plants, you could always just rearrange whatever flowers you have already or simply spruce up the plants you already possess. Another idea is to plant vegetables such as tomatoes, squashes, and others in your backyard. This allows you to actually care and nurture your plants and could eventually produce some delicious, home grown foods.

4. Reading

Reading novels is a cheap way to boost your knowledge while having fun at the same time. In most communities there is a cheap book store where you can purchase classic books for only a few dollars (or even less online). But by far the cheapest way to make reading your new favorite hobby,  is to find books at your local library. Reading is a fun, rewarding activity, that will relax you and inform you.

5. Writing and Blogging

Why not express your opinion and write about something that interests you? It allows you to increase your understanding of events going on around you and throughout the rest of the world. But most of all, it’s a great way to create something that will inform others of matters near and dear to your heart. Whether you keep a private diary or aim for a massive online readership, writing can be a wonderful hobby that wont cost you anything.

6. Learn another Language

Whether you’re learning a language just for fun or for a trip abroad, engaging in another language and its culture is an excellent way to get a deeper understanding of a civilization other than your own. There are dozens of affordable ways to learn a language available today, taking the cost factor out of your list of excuses not to learn a new language. Language can provide an in depth analysis of a country and how it functions. Learning another language is intriguing, beneficial, and is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. The best part of this is at the end of it all, you can put your skills to the test and go to the country of the language you learned. Adventures and amazing experiences are sure to follow!

7. Art

Art is a great way to express your creativity and create something magical. With the only start-up fee being the art supplies, you can easily create wonderful works of art that you can either place in your own home, sell (maybe make a profit on), or give to friends and family as presents. The personal touches that you add to your art are sure to please anyone that you give or show them to.

Granted, most of us have very busy lives, but if and when you have a free minute and you want to have a blast without breaking the bank, consider the hobbies above. Free hobbies can often be more fun and rewarding than costly activities.

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