Save Money by Renting Power Tools for Your Household Needs


If you are an avid handyman, a full collection of toolbox is what you always have by your side. However, for most people, most needs for tools only arise when there’s something that needs fixing at home, which does not happen too often. A research by Environmental Magazine found that power tools are only used 30 minutes in their lifetime. Here comes an opportunity to explore a great way to save money on household projects: Renting Power Tools. I’ll explore certain benefits associated with power tools renting, and suggest certain tools you will save the most by renting.

renting power tools

Skip the tool maintenance

When you buy a tool, the cost does not end there. You’ll have to take into account the care and maintenance that comes with ensuring the tools will last long and well-served your needs. Such maintenance is costly. With tools rental, you do not have to worry anymore!


Try out new models

Manufacturers are always on the move for the latest release with the latest updates. Keep buying new tools is not feasible, especially when you do not use the tools so often. Rental place usually has the latest or near-latest models for you to remain loyal customers.

Save on Storage space

Tools will take up place in your garage. Small tools such as impact driver would not be much space, but a tile saw will be a problem after a while. Renting tools will help you solve this problem elegantly.

Pay for what you use

This is the core reason why you come to renting tools in the first place. The tools is more efficiently used, and you save a lot of money. One little tip is to go to the rental place a little before they close. For example, you rent the stump grinder in your local store just 1 hour before they close, then you could use it overnight and return the next day. To be sure, check with the store if they allow it.

What tools to rent?

In my experience, small tools which you don’t need too often is the best for rental. Grinder, or tile saw is a prime example. Some tools that you should consider fork out money to own (if you need it for your home project) are chainsaw, belt sander, … Here are some common pointers to see if tool rental makes sense:

  • Do you use the tools often? If you need the tool most of the time,such as a drill press, having it handy at your comfort home save you time. Moreover, repeated rental overtime may trumps the tool’s original cost.
  • Is the tool easy to store and maintain?


Renting power tools for your household fixing needs makes sense, as it is a good way to save precious money. Moreover, you have a piece of mind for not worrying about such maintenance, storage and deterioration. However, do notice that certain tools are worth the investment to buy, as rental cost overtime may trumps the original cost.

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