Reasons to Avoid Debt


Its surprising how many people tend to write off debt as if its normal. Debt is not normal. It may be a societal norm, but just as gender stereotypes are a societal norm that do more damage than good, debt is a societal norm that is not okay.

Debt is something that cripples families, breaks up marriages, and causes a lot of stress, worry, and unnecessary strife.

Reasons to Avoid Debt

I’m lucky in that I kicked debt to the curb when I was in my early 20’s, but that is not the case for everybody. I know how it feels to be in credit card debt, and incurring hundreds of dollars in interest a month. Luckily that period of my life only lasted for less than a year, before I finally reacted to my situation and kicked debt repayment into high gear.

Many people stay in a period of limbo with their debt, making minimum payments and never really climbing out of it.


There are many reasons to avoid debt, and here are many:

To Get a Good Nights Sleep

How can you sleep well when you’re worried about paying your bills and where the next minimum payment is going to come from?

Sleeping well helps your health and stress levels substantially.

You Owe It To Future You

Getting into debt may seem like a fine idea right now, because you have something that you want or need and you dont have money saved for it. Getting into debt will screw over future you; don’t fall into that trap.

Your Relationships Will Suffer with Debt

Your marriage, relationships with your children, relationships with friends they will all suffer when you are indebted. How can they not?

Debt is a huge stressor, and you cant be your normal self when you are stressed out. Money is one of the most common reasons for divorce, and you know that debt puts huge stress on relationships.

You Cant Reach Your Goals While In Debt

I cant imagine how those who are super indebted can reach their goals. Almost all goals have some sort of financial component even eating healthier requires a little more cash output that you cant really afford if you are swimming in debt.

If you want to enter into home ownership or travel the world, its very difficult to reach those goals while you are drowning in consumer debt.


These are all excellent reasons to stay out of debt. Don’t fall into the debt trap!

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