How To Afford Travel: The Most Important Thing You Need To Do


Think you can’t afford travel? If you haven’t done this ONE thing, you probably can’t. Do it, and you can start planning your trip.

People often ask me how my kids and I afford to go on vacation every year. While there are hundreds of things I do in order to make that happen, it all boils down to one thing.

I make travel a priority.

Afford travel

When you don’t make travel a priority, it doesn’t happen. You don’t save the money necessary, plan the time off or make the arrangements.

Making something a priority in your life says you are ready to devote time and energy to it.

Can You Afford Travel?

If you say you can’t afford travel, yet go out to lunch every day of the week, the convenience of going out to eat is a higher priority than travel. Or perhaps you buy new clothes or purses on a regular basis. Fashion is a higher priority than travel.

If you’re on an extremely tight budget and don’t spend money on anything but food, housing and utilities, those things are your priorities right now.

That’s okay. Everyone gets to choose their own priorities, but acknowledge the reason you’re not traveling or taking a vacation is because it’s not a top priority.

afford travel

Priorities can also change. I may decide getting something fixed, like a plumbing repair is a higher priority than saving for vacation this month.

If you want to enjoy travel though, it won’t happen without making travel a priority. Treat travel with the same importance as paying your rent or mortgage and “pay” your travel fund every month. Even if you can only set aside $20, it’s a start!

This may mean you don’t have money available to go out to lunch or to buy that new purse. You’re okay with that though, because you’ve decided travel is a higher priority than those things.

Make It Happen

If you needed to raise a large sum of money to save a loved one’s life you would figure out a way to make it happen, right? You would do whatever it took. You would be focused on your goal and not stop until you reached it. Raising the money would be a priority to you.

You would be willing to sacrifice to make it happen, but you wouldn’t even see it as a sacrifice. You would gladly give up some lunches or new clothes to make it a reality. This is how it is when you’ve decided travel is important enough that it’s a priority to you.

Whether you need to make extra money, save money, cut spending or do all three you’ll do it to fulfill your travel dreams.

afford travel

The Experience vs. The Amenities

Making the travel experience the priority instead of where you stay or what you do will likely make it happen sooner. If you stay in $150 hotels every night, eat out three times a day and go to every major attraction, travel costs a lot. Ask yourself what your priority is. Is it doing those things when you travel, and thus not traveling as often?  Or would you rather travel frugally, but more frequently and for longer lengths of time?

The average American spends over $1,000 per person on a one week summer vacation or $4500 for a family of four. In contrast, I once spent $1800 for the three of us to travel for 18 days. Obviously, we did not spend $150 a night on hotels or eat out every meal. Those were not our priorities. The experience and being able to travel longer were our priorities.

You CAN Afford Travel.

It can be done. If you truly want to travel more or take a vacation there is one thing you need to do or it just won’t happen. Make travel a priority. Decide you are willing to do what it takes, including sacrifice if necessary and make it happen. You’ll be on your way in no time. If you need some ideas read this website! 🙂 At least lower your phone bill with Republic Wireless and check out some ways to make extra money on the side in Side Hustles for Extra Money. 

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  1. It is all about prioritizing the right things. If you want to travel more but can’t afford it because you would rather spend on the want of the day, you are showing that current day wants are more important to you. Great post!

    • Thanks Thias, You are correct. It works this way for everything, not just travel. Same goes for retirement, savings, paying cash for cars, etc. You have to make choices about whether what you want right now is more important than the bigger long term goal. A lot of people always want instant gratification. Thanks for commenting!

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