Save Money by Growing Your Own Veggies


If you are big on cost savings and you have some space in your yard, then growing your own veggies is the best way to save some cash in the long run and adopt some healthy habits as well. You will get access to vegetables which are fresh and free from dangerous insecticides. Depending on the amount of space you can do three types of gardening: plant some veggies in the yard, rooftop gardening, or bottle tower gardening.

Yard Gardening

grow tomato

A tomato plant in full bloom

This is ideal if you have some space in your yard and there are no state restrictions on filling it up. You can buy all the supplies from your local gardening store and it will take you up to 2 days to set up. It may take more time; it all depends on what you eventually go for. However, a basic setup can be done in just 1 day.

Once you have the beds dug out and the soil fertilized, then you will have to choose the plants/vegetables that you want to grow. If you have no experience in vegetable gardening, then we would suggest starting out with some easy to manage plants such as the Egg Plant, peas, potatoes, mint, or spring onions. Almost all of these just require soil and water to grow, provided the climate is right of course. You will have to check on the best time to plant them in your State, as it varies according to climatic patterns.

Typically the plant becomes mature in about 4 weeks and is ready to give fruit. If you are starting out, we would also suggest using starter plants instead of seeds, so as not to get discouraged. You need some knowledge when growing from seeds and the result isn’t always 100%

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Rooftop Gardening

Rooftop garden

Rooftop winter garden, in containers.

This is ideal if you do not really have much of a yard space, or it simply cannot be farmed. However, you may have to check up with a structural engineer to know whether the roof can bear the weight of your planned garden.

This type of garden needs a proper setup which may incur some initial costs. But, they can be brought down by scanning the relevant gardening deals in Groupon. Regardless of your search, they will likely pay themselves back in just one season. The main costs will revolve around setting up containers, with proper drainage. Another thing which may have to be installed is appropriate windbreaks, as plants are generally sensitive, but it will depend on your weather and climatic conditions.

The aforementioned plants grow equally well in the soil as well as containers. However, you may have to water the plants more frequently and you may also have to periodically add fertilizer to replenish the soil. Out of the above, from personal experience, Egg Plants and Mint is the easiest to grow in pots. Spring onions do great as well. For potatoes, there are some minimum depth requirements.

Bottle Towers/Vertical Towers

Bottle Tower Garden

Bottle Tower Garden from the works of Prof. Willem Van Cotthem

These can be used for beautification or if you do not have access to the roof or a yard. These can be placed in front of windows which get some sort of sunlight. Generally, plants need 6 hours of sunlight to grow. But, if you do not have that much, then you can always invest in some artificial lighting.

There are some really cool solutions available in all three of the above categories. Plastic bags and crates can form excellent containers, whereas bottles arranged vertically can make a cool vertical tower which is sufficient for growing herbs. Or, professional solutions are easily available in the market as well. But, if you have time then we suggest doing it in house, just for the fun of it.

Regardless of which method you choose, basic setups of all three mentioned systems can be made functional in under $100. This will pay itself off before the season is out and you can have access to some really cool organic vegetables throughout the season.

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