Creating a Garden Work Space


Springs warm and sunny attitude has been creating a stir over the past few days, and my garden is beginning to burst with fragrant blooms. I love this time of year because its finally time to bring out all the summer essentials and begin preparing for a colorful landscape.


With another growing season here, I’m determined to finally create a garden work space for a potting bench a space that holds all my gardening essentials in one easy to access location. On a large property, it becomes a chore when your tools are at the back of the property while your fertilizer is at the front. So I’m placing this garden work space in a central location.


our garage

Our garage.

Creating a garden work space for a potting bench really doesn’t require a lot of real estate or an expensive piece of furniture, just a good location and a functional table that can withstand heavy use. So I eked out a spot in one of the corners of the garage (after a major spring clean) where Ill have easy access to all the things Ill need in a season.

After clearing out the space, I ended up with this:

creating a garden work space

For my garden bench, hubs created the perfect piece using galvanized piping and an antique door. Its beautifully rustic, and the table is the perfect height to work giving me plenty of space to spread out.

I’m also using an old industrial bread rack picked up at a thrift store as additional storage. Its great for starting seeds and storing all my essentials.

detail on a table

I love the little details on this table left behind from its earlier days as a door.

garden work space

But mostly I just love its rustic look.

a Garden Work Space

Using an antique door is ideal for a work table. Old wood is extremely dense and durable; and after a couple of coats of poly, it will withstand years of use.


And an old hayloft ladder is ideal as a drying rack.

garden space

Placing a potting bench in the garage was not my original plan. I was actually planning for a garden shed. But when I came to realize there wasnt an ideal site, the garage became the perfect option. And in the end it was the better choice in so many ways. With an extra refrigerator nearby for storing fresh flowers and seeds, I can work on arrangements while also having easy access to electricity. And being near the kitchen, I also have accessibility to water and quick clean up.

final Garden Work Space

I got to take advantage of my bench today while cutting a bouquet of spring blooms from the garden.

And I have to say, its perfect in every way.

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