Earthing: How to Reduce Stress, Sleep Better, and Lower Blood Pressure Naturally


Ok…so we are going to get a little hippy dippy over here for a minute, so bear with me. Have you heard of “Earthing” or “grounding”?. Basically, in a nutshell, it is the theory that spending time with your bare feet touching  the earth for approx. 30 minutes a day can balance your electrons and ground those pesky free radicals in your body. If you want the full scientific low down, check out this awesome article.

Earthing - contact with Earth

Humans are meant to have contact with the earth, but over  the centuries we have developed and evolved our behavior (like rubber footwear and have created beds that are up off the ground) which breaks our constant contact with the earth.


So what can earthing do for you?

It can help curb the side effects of chronic inflammation (which is great news for people with autoimmune diseases). Dr. James Oschman in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine explains that in the case of an “electron deficiency” (not enough contact with the earth’s surface), your immune system can suffer from inflammation and an autoimmune response. Once those pesky free radicals are able to be neutralized or grounded (from electrons from the earth), the inflammation starts to diminish. This is a huge step towards preventing and curing certain side effects of autoimmune and chronic diseases.

The Journal of Environmental and Public Health even reported that after one night of contact with the earth research participants showed less calcium and phosphorus in their urine. The assumption, then, is that earthing may slow or delay diseases like osteoporosis.

Others reported benefits have been lower blood pressure, lowered risk of depression, better sleep, shorten recovering time after athletic injury, and overall feelings of well being.

Either way…what are you losing by doing a little ‘earthing’?

I admit, I have a hard time with Eastern Medicine and new age theories. It is just how my brain works and what I am comfortable with, however, the move to Pittsburgh (and its particularly grey season) has proved harder on me than anticipated and I am desperately seeking ways to lower my stress and boost my endorphins. This quest for happiness and peace has led me to read more and more about alternative and holistic medicine. I’m just not ready to say that I need prescription meds to help me through the winter. This is where earthing has come in. (I , do however, completely acknowledge the benefits of prescription medications so please consult your doctor before beginning or changing your current medical regiment. This is not meant as medical advice but rather a first hand perspective of what has worked in my own life),

Over the last year in Pittsburgh I have tried to spend more and more of my time outdoors with my shoes off, and guess what? My mental state has drastically improved! Maybe it was the sunshine, or the fresh air, or maybe just maybe it was the earth working a little magic on balancing me, but whatever it was I was happier.

Have you ever tried earthing? Would you try something new or different in the quest for a more balanced life? What do you do in your day to day life to help you stay calm and less stressed?

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