Being In Debt Sucks: Set your own standards and live up to them


For some of the background of my now history debt story, you can visit here:

If you read those parts of my past, the glimpses that make up my story, you know that there is a happy ending. I am here, debt free. It was never pretty and really quite hard to get to here. It’s WAY easier to get into debt than it is to get out. Interest is fun when you are making it, but not so fun when you are paying it.

we are debt free

It’s like this. My kids love to dump bins of toys. They love to throw all their books off the bookshelf. It’s so fun to throw stuff around, play with it, and ultimately make a big huge mess. It’s a lot less fun when you have to clean that mess up. My daughter, who never naps, loves to tell me that she’s “just too tired” when it comes to clean up time. When all those hours of fun end in mom saying “put the books back on the shelf” or “put all your toys away”, suddenly she is really sleepy.

Well, if we’re talking spending and debt and having to clean up after that far more consequential mess, it’s not okay to retreat to your room and say you are just too tired. The bills come. The balances are due. The money you made today has to go to something you bought many yesterdays ago, and it sucks.

Just recently, our washing machine broke. Armed with a 10% off coupon if I used a Home Depot credit card, I did just that. For the first time in years, I used an account other than my checking account to pay for something. You know what I did 2 minutes later? Walked from the appliance section to the front registers and paid it off. I saved my 10%. I paid the balance before I even left the store. I walked out with a smile on my face.

I’ll never ever go back to spending more than I have. I’ll never go back to living up to someone else’s standards. I won’t pretend my life is something it is not. I will choose going without over buying what I can’t afford. Why? Because being in debt sucks.

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