5 Best Places to Find Frugal Recipes


Reducing the amount of money you spend on groceries is one of the easiest places to cut costs in your budget. But how do you do that? It can actually be pretty easy if you know where to look for frugal recipes.

Whether you’ve never cooked frugally before or are just looking for some fresh ideas, here are the five places I look for budget friendly, frugal recipes.

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1. Community Fund Raiser Cookbooks

Members of a church, PTA, civic group or town put together these books as a fund raiser. They are usually spiral bound paperbacks. They don’t have pictures so you’ll have to use your imagination as to what the recipes look like.

frugal recipes fundraiser cookbooks

Look for older books, the older the better. You can find them here on eBay, used bookstores, garage sales and estate sales. The older cookbooks are usually filled with frugal recipes. They don’t use as many processed, convenience ingredients. They’re simple, every day recipes. That’s why they’re frugal.

I find them interesting to look through. Every recipe included is one someone felt was good enough to share.

2. Grandma’s Recipe Collection

I spent hours copying recipes from my mom’s recipe box to start my own collection when I was younger. Recipes used to be handed down from generation to generation, written out on recipe cards.


Ask your family, friends or neighbors if they still have a recipe box you could look through. Sometimes you find whole boxes filled with recipes at garage sales and estate sales, too. Much like the fund raiser cookbooks, these older recipes are often budget friendly. You can often tell which ones were the favorites by how many stains are on the card from various ingredients.

3. Frugal Cookbooks

Some cookbooks are specifically for cooking on a budget but be sure to look through some of the ingredients used in recipes before you buy one. Just because it claims to be frugal or budget friendly, doesn’t mean it will be to you. One person’s frugal is another’s extravagant.

I highly recommend Dining on a Dime. I have used their books for years. The recipes are simple and cheap. They include the basics of frugal cooking, tips and suggestions thrown in through out the book. There’s even recipes for home made convenience mixes, cleaning and beauty products. They have some good sales and bundles so it’s really a great value.

Unrelated picture of Rosemary the three legged cat saying "Hello" while I was taking pictures.

Unrelated picture of Rosemary the three legged cat saying “Hello” while I was taking pictures.

4. Facebook Groups

Facebook isn’t just for sharing pictures of your kids. Search for frugal recipes or budget recipes under the groups tab. You’ll find tons of groups to join where members share their favorite recipes when they’re trying to save on groceries and live on a budget.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place. It can also be a huge time suck. I love it anyway. Search for recipes using terms like frugal, budget, cheap, and money saving and you’ll instantly have more recipes than you could ever possibly try. If you’ve never used Pinterest before, it’s free and easy to join.

Check out my Meatless and Frugal Meals as well as my other boards on Pinterest and follow me. I’m always adding more.

I hope this has given you some new ideas of where to find budget friendly recipes to add to your menu. Reducing grocery costs can be pretty easy if you know where to look for frugal recipes.

Reducing your grocery bill is a good place to cut costs. Finding frugal recipes to help out is easy if you know where to look. Read this to find five places to look.


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