11 Secrets of the Money Smart


Have you ever noticed some people just naturally do well with money? While  you struggle month to month and never seem to save a dime, they float along and grow their savings. You know they don’t make that much money. They may even make less than you. Yet, they are doing great and you continue to struggle.

I’m going to share some of the secrets of these “Money Smart” people with you. Then you can learn to be smart with your money, too.

11 Secrets of the Money Smart

11 Secrets of the Money Smart

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  1. They don’t care what other people think.Whether it is their house, their car, their looks, what they do, where they do it or how they do it. They don’t care. Just because everyone else does things a certain way, doesn’t mean they have to.
  2.  They have good self esteem. They recognize their worth and value are not based on the external but internal qualities they have. It’s not about their clothes, nails, jewelry, cars or house. It really is what’s on the inside that counts and they don’t just say it, they believe it. This doesn’t mean they dress poorly or live in a shack. It means they don’t equate how they feel about themselves with appearances so they don’t spend money on how they look if they know they need or want that money for more important things.
  3.  Just because they can buy something, doesn’t mean they do. They may qualify for a loan on a $500,000 house. That doesn’t mean they automatically look for a $500,000 house when a smaller one may work just as well. Just because they can get 0% interest on a new car doesn’t mean they buy new instead of used. Just because they have $20 in their pocket when they walk into Target, doesn’t mean they buy something.
  4. They realize bigger is not necessarily better. A bigger house, car, SUV, or diamond are not automatically “better”. Money smart people take the time to think about whether they truly “need” it to be bigger or if it is just a “want”.
  5. They realize happiness will never come from things. Not even money.
  6. They don’t always listen to the well intended financial advice of friends and family. Too often the ones giving advice aren’t doing well with their own money. Why would they listen to them? They will consult with a trusted professional that’s not going to try to sell them something if needed and make their own decisions.
  7. They realize love is not expressed with gifts, vacations, or elaborate birthday parties.
  8. They don’t care to have the “latest” or bother to keep up with the latest trend. You won’t find money smart people standing in line to get the latest phone as soon as it comes out. They may get it eventually, but only after they’ve researched it and they truly have a need for it. They won’t buy it just because it’s new.
  9. They focus on the internal versus the external. Value over appearance. Quality over flashiness.
  10. They know how to say “No” to their kids, family, and salespeople. It’s okay if these people are upset with them for it.
  11. They don’t think they are entitled. They won’t be charging a lot of things on a credit card, buying too expensive a house, car, etc. because they think they “deserve it” when they can’t afford it.

Did you notice most of these secrets are about how they think?
They fly against what advertising and the media would like us to believe. They think for themselves.

While it easy to tell yourself you do all these things too, I would question that, if you are struggling to pay your bills or save money. I encourage you to really take some time to look at yourself. Ask yourself about your habits and how you spend your money. Getting caught in the trap of believing you deserve things you really can’t afford and that you “need” things you really only “want” is easy to do. We’ve all done it.

The great thing about these secrets is that there isn’t anything on the list you can’t do. You will have to work to change how you think and do things. It’s not easy to do that, but it is definitely achievable.

If you’re not sure where to start, Start Here.

What do you think? Do you think like you are Money Smart?


  1. This also applies to life in general. If you really want to be happy, then screw what other people think. Good article!

  2. Nice article. The reasoning is sound but I would disagree with a couple of points;
    1. Just because someone doesn’t care about what others think of their car, fashion, or style doesn’t necessarily mean they are self confident. Seeing what is important to oneself and comparing with others are two very different things. A money wise person can have poor self esteem but high drive to succeed, a goal for life or to better the future for their child for example.
    2. Being able to learn from family and friends mistakes before you make them is a good way to learn. That means taking advice and judging if it was something they did in order to get in the situation they found themselves in. Seeing someone struggle is something that makes a big impression on decision making, especially if it is close family.

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